by In Beliefs

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Physical copies are available at our live shows! www.facebook.com/inbeliefsband

Un gros merci à Marc Tremblay de nous avoir enduré et permis d'être fier de notre album! Merci à l'Orchidoclaste pour les pochettes & les chandails, à Duplication pour les cds, à St-Urbain-Premier, à nos amis, à nos familles, et à tout le monde qui nous supporte! Beaucoup de choses s'enviennent dans les prochains mois!


released August 1, 2013

Recording/Mixed/Mastered by Marc Tremblay
Album Artwork by Xavier Trudeau
Lyrics by Xavier Trudeau
Drums: Christophe Paquette
Guitar: Frank Tison
Vocals: Xavier Trudeau
Bass: Alexandre Thayer Head



all rights reserved


In Beliefs Montreal, Québec

We are a 4-piece post-hardcore/screamo band from Montreal!

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Track Name: Ethereal
In this hometown I met before, passion fruits were so called children and every single villager had hope and held an interest in those young growing blossoms. We are so young, we are the growing blossoms. We are ethereal. They always thought rebellion was an idiocy that would disappear with maturity. Some fought and died but in fact majority had to admit they never gave a fuck about me. You have other choices than giving up on hope.
Track Name: Serpent
That girl looked like she drank, she had eyes like she
fought and was pale like she died. I stared, only
wondering how she made her way out of these
obstacles. The cars and the wind didn't even pull her
down under the rocky ground she's scared to hit
head first. I'm a fool I'm a dead husband who didn't
understand how great was this life. I tried but my
bottle pushed me under, so convincing, keep pushin'
down. She watched the fire inside me she got
comfort from it but soon realized it burnt me to
ashes. La terreur est aux côtés de mon ange. Ma
passion n'égalera jamais plus bonheur ni
contemplation. I turned black and crawled back,
comme si c'était elle.
Track Name: Iron Heart
We have the iron hearts, the heaviest ones, strongly designed. We have filled them with the heaviest words and the strongest values all over our lives. I defy authorities of time to balance the value of my living body. Can they ever be taught? Near West Side I wait and while formulating my own theory. Now I have a question, I need your answer, please bring my ascension. We have no time to waste. No time to wait neither to waste, but what is this value that we trade for salvation.
Track Name: Sunburn
I stood, I watched, I hoped it could come down to my hands, set fire to my mind and illuminate my sight. Constant and flagrant eye of the sky, maybe you can bring back the time where humans were simple mammals. Spectral fire, vows of flesh don’t belong in a spectral world. The sun is the heart and the answer to all. The sunburn you feel is only real when your eyes are shut and you still feel it over and over again. Through your skin, through your bones, through your spectral eyes. And I will not forget through time, as the flood of power and greed flew up to your head.
Track Name: I Care
How can I finally be able to see like those kids who’ve seen violence and who’ve seen treasury above those skies? Limits of life. Where does life go when you aren’t even able to imagine a world that exists truly? Because life is illusion and all is illusion. All this life lives inside me but dies at the suspect second I think about reality, but what is this life I lead when illusion is called life above those skies. All this life lives inside me.